Alex Holman

Alex Holman

Alex Holman

Oh, the ups and downs of horses – not such positive news for this instalment… After a super first run of the season we then had our next 3 events cancel, but with some much better weather & improvements from us both while at the new yard, with Charlotte Agnew, we were looking forward to the next couple of events including our first CCI** at Houghton.

Devastatingly our season has now been cut short, as Alfie has sustained a tendon injury, and will be on the sidelines for at least a year from now. So undeserved for my poor boy, who is already finding his stable pretty boring, and can’t work out why he isn’t out competing. Not going to be easy without him out and about, but I’m still lucky to even have him, and fingers crossed we’ll be back on our journey up the levels post-rehab!

Apart from this, the new job with Team Agnew is going well! I’m learning lots and haven’t had too much time to dwell on Alfie as I usually ride at least 4 or 5 horses a day, which is brilliant and exactly the experience I needed. So far highlights have been riding a couple of Advanced horses & jumping a baby 5yo!

I also managed to get to Badminton on the second dressage day, for some inspiration, and had a super day watching some amazing tests; walking the XC course (wondering how long it will be until I’m actually riding it!) and meeting the lovely people behind ‘Super X Country’ who have supplied me with some fantastic new sportsline gloves to trial and will also be sorting me out with a stylish new baselayer as well!

I have been offered several other potential rides for the season, so hopefully I’ll be able to get out and keep up building experience on another horse fairly soon… Luckily both of my super sponsors are being hugely supportive too, so everything crossed that in a year’s time we can pick up where we left off in April…


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