Lauren Wilson

Lauren Wilson

What an absolute wash out the past few weeks have been. Rain, rain and even more rain. I am sick to death of mud and not being able to turn the horses out and I think the horses are too. Events are being cancelled left right and centre which is not only devastating for us after all the hard work we have put in with training but also for the organisers who are trying so hard get us all back out there. However, I did manage to get out to watch the Intermediate classes at Gatcombe, so that was a nice little eventing fix.

With quite a lot of events being cancelled, we’ve been hard at work with training in the hope that very soon the weather will dry up enough to go out. Ben pony has been working hard towards his imminent competition debut in over a year and a half which could be terribly exciting indeed. It’s also so nice to see the improvement in the other horses. Harley’s jumping has come on no end which is very exciting – I will make an event pony out of him yet…

Here’s hoping we can actually get out eventing at the end of the month. Roll on the sunshine!






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