Jenna Hastings

Jenna Hastings

So it’s been a quiet few weeks since my last blog. Sadly my trip to Arena UK as part of Forces Equine Riding Club team for show jumping was cut short as the lorry broke down again half an hour into my journey. I limped it back at home with both horses and it’s back in the shop again. Very unfortunate to miss out on what was a super weekend – the team did amazing and came 2nd overall.

This has meant I haven’t been out competing since Rockingham which is a shame. I’m soon to be going on my holidays for 2 weeks so Trusty has been ticking away at home gearing up for a week off until Auntie Tyla Dee takes over the reins for a couple of spruce up sessions so he is ready to go to a cross country clinic with Ben Hobday two days after I return – I’m really excited about this as I feel I’ve got a really nice up and coming event horse to get Ben’s ideas about and I’m looking forwards to strutting our stuff in front of him.

This has meant I have been tentatively looking at where to go for Trusty’s first one day event in August – I’m like a nervous mother! I am really looking forwards to putting everything together with him and seeing how we get on – this year is mainly going to be focused on getting his confidence up and having good rounds with him before we start being competitive.

July has a few events coming up at the end of the month – Trusty will hopefully go show jumping at Bury Farm and then Roly will go to Hickstead to jump in the Forces Equine Riding Club with me as we have done really well in the league this year. I’m excited for this as I haven’t ridden at Hickstead for 2 years so it will be nice to get back there. Trusty will be sat in the wings should he be required.

I will speak to you all after my holiday and give you a full update from the clinic with Ben Hobday!


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