Jenna Hastings

Jenna Hastings

It’s been super busy here. Trusty went out to his first visit to Snowball Farm 2 weeks ago to do some combined training. Considering the weather I was thinking I must be mad – it was pouring with rain whilst I was plaiting up! Luckily I plugged on and got loaded and on route and it was very much worth it – Trusty came away with 2 5th places.

The 80cm class had 24 in it so this was a huge achievement. I had then moved him up to the 90cm class and he produced a good dressage test but then went a little green in the jumping so had a few fences down but he kept jumping and finished which was the most important thing.

Moving on to Trusty’s second one day event at Aston which was last weekend. I was hoping to be a bit more competitive in this one and perhaps that got in the way of me actually riding well!!! Trusty warmed up well for dressage but a few spooks round the arena before we went in meant a lot of tension and lack of forwardness crept in again. This meant a very mediocre score which was a shame. Show jumping didn’t go much better and we had two silly fences down putting us right out of it. I then made my mind up to remain riding competitively in the cross country as it meant I would be more positive to the fences if I was trying to make the time – this worked really well and Trusty stormed round but again the rider was a daft idiot and thought she was too far up on the clock so slowed down a bit in the wrong place meaning I gained 4.4 time faults which just moved us out the top 10.

That’ll teach me!

Overall, I’m really pleased with the way Trusty is progressing – I think I’ve got the brake situation sorted for cross country now although I’m still playing around with the show jumping and dressage. I like to share the good with the bad and I was disappointed with how Aston went but we build on it and we move towards the next one. I’ve learnt that I need to start working a bit harder on my flatwork at home and stop mooching off for a hack instead.

Looking forwards to October, Trusty is off to his first BS British Novice on Thursday and then it will be the Forces Equine Games weekend at Moreton Morrell which I’m really proud to say Teqnox will be attending. The weekend after that will be the last eventing one day event which is again at Aston – I am still making my mind up about moving Trusty up to the 90 for this. Winter is fast approaching and this is my time to crack on with the training towards next season as well, I have some wonderful trainers who I will be spending time with to get us up to speed for next year 🙂

Our Summer Highlights 

This has to be hearing my name called as an owner at a one day event and riding my own horse around Hickstead. I’ve been very lucky over the years to have some wonderful friends who have leant me some amazing horses to compete but there is nothing like taking your own horse and competing it at some of the best venues ever. My lesson with Ben Hobday was another highlight as again I took my own horse and learnt some amazing tips on cross country riding that I use every time I go. Here’s to the next 6 months and hopefully some more highlights!


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